Design Strategies

Web design involves a lot of different skills like: writing,  copying, typography, the layout and the art. These features will allow people to enjoy being on your website than them leaving with a headache. To combine all these elements of which are used for web design and achieve your desired goal to make a good website you will have to follow certain steps.

When a user goes into a website the design is what their first impression is going to be based on. Make sure that your website is user friendly, consider the age group it is aimed at. If you make the website user friendly that means you have achieved communicating with people through a screen. This means that they were not confused when the went through the website and did not get lost which is always a good thing. That also means that your design was successful. If you want to improve your site try to solve common problems.

Common Problems

The most common problems that visitors find on poorly designed websites are people thinking “Hmm can you click on this?” All elements that need interaction with a user should stand out in some way. Make sure that the elements you cold interact with are noticeable, change the color or underline them or write “click here.”  Another problem would be that the reader can not read the information.

If the user can not read the information you have a huge problem at hand,however , the solutions is rather easy. Check if your text is too small if it is then make that font bigger. Check if the color contrast between the background and text color is clear enough to distinguish the information without crying. Please to not make the error to place Navy blue text on a dark background, it is a very foolish mistake like seriously it is a really foolish mistake why would you do that.

Lastly, If visitors get lost because your design is not well put together you need to redesign your website again. Do not change your layout too much either it is confusing and utterly annoying in every way possible. Remember to not change the patterns in your website so much either so the User is not confused. Remember that if there is a way in to your website, there is a way out and if the user is not satisfied then you are not going to see them coming back again.



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