Landing Page

If you are here then you need to know what is a Landing page. Learning what a landing page is is very crucial. It s basically the page you land in so you can download the app and have a brief description or attention grabber. I advice you check out your competitors landing pages to see what everyone is doing. This way you can make something better and more special. When you check out pages you might expect modern, pretty pages but that is not always the case. Even big expensive companies may have bad landing pages. So you have a chance to make something spectacular.

A good landing page consists of clear path. the path should be the audience clicking the button and downloading the app. It should have a message match, this is the ability of your landing page to reinforce the messaging presented on the link that was clicked to reach the page. Every landing page requires that. If you’re anything like me or millions of other people cause humans can be impatient you might be, wait for it, impatient. If you do not want to loose almost half of your audience then do the following:

  • Provided a short description. You need the page to tell your audience what the app is about and all.
  • There is  clear directions on how to download the app. The audience being able to navigate is extremely important.
  • You need to let your audience know the image of your app and what it does.

A bad landing page in anything has way too many colors, terrible contrast or the lack of ability to get your audience to download your app because of a problem in communicating through the landing page.

  • Too many colors.
  • Too much going on.
  • Too many images
  • Weird color scheme.

If you compare 2 different pages, a bad one and a good one, you will automatically notice the bad one versus the good one. Creating a landing page is not science so do not over think it. Go on and good luck on your designing.


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