The Tedious Art of Color Correction

Color Correction

Color correction is just one step of the film making process. The reason being is that raw footage can be overly saturated and the colors must be balanced out in order to fit the mood or to simply make the picture look nicer in general.  The process of color correction is making sure footage looks exactly the way that the human eye sees things. Yes I did steal that line from Amy Horton’s blog but there’s is truly no other way to explain it. Basically it’s just making everything look more realistic.

Color Grading

Often people confuse Color correction and Color grading. To be honest so did I, but they aren’t! Color grading is the next step after Color correction. It is to make all the color look more extreme. Is specially used for fictional movies (or daydreams, flashback, etc), to create an atmosphere. In the process of color grading, the editor must fix any problem, such as: The exposure, White balance, excessive noise (from the ISO), Developing Images from the raw video file, Setting the initial gamma point (the white and black gamma point), Shot matching, Removing distractions, and Stylizing an image to indicate a flashback, or dream sequence.

Is color correction and color grading required

Color correction isn’t necessarily required…? Well if you want your video to be more pleasing to the eyes yes but technically you don’t have to. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.

Color grading is the same. But even when wanted most low budget films can’t do it for the very fact that they don’t have any money. Or maybe they have a professional on site that knows how to change the shading and atmosphere with lighting and lenses

Photo by Nikunj Gupta on Unsplash


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